Terms of Sale

Commercial and Industrial Projects

No automatic credit is available. A simple signed agreement by itself will not initiate our producing the products requested. Most orders will require down payments or the first progress billing paid at net 10 days. Down payments and the first progress payment are designed to cover the cost of the raw material and any necessary project initiation costs. Subsequent billings will be due 30 days from the date on our invoice. Any and all progress billings must be paid within net 30 days or the day before delivery or pickup, whichever comes first. We will never invoice for more than 90% of the contract proposal prior to delivery or pickup. The remaining balance of 10% is due to us 20 days after we deliver the product or you pick up the product. These rules apply strictly to our commercial and industrial projects.

Residential Projects

All residential projects will require 50% down and the balance COD. If you’re residential project includes the cost of cabinetry or millwork items we must provide from other manufacturers, your down payment may exceed 50% of the contract proposal. This will be based on the requirements of those respective manufacturers. Any commercial or industrial projects that require the use of third party manufacturers will be subject to payment terms as listed under this residential section.

Installation Services

Wooden Things will include the installation service costs within our project proposal.  This allows us to design the product and have the product installed consistently and efficiently as possible. 

Product Warranty

Quality and Customer Satisfaction are Wooden Things' top priority and will work in cooperation with you to resolve any issue that may arise.  If you would like a printed copy of the warranty you may request one by using our email.

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